Join us next Wednesday for a session at Renewable Energy India Expo in Delhi to discuss how digitalization, satellite imagery, AI and blockchain are reshaping the energy sector.

India, with its strong technology entrepreneurship and rapidly changing energy landscape, is an ideal place to have a discussion on how to use digital technologies to make energy cheaper, cleaner, more reliable and more flexible.

At our session, we are very happy to host an excellent line-up of speakers at the frontier of this exciting innovation space and with different perspectives and knowhow. The speakers are:

  • Ms. Elke Kraetzschmar is a remote sensing expert at IABG. She will be introducing a project we are jointly doing (initiated and funded by the European Space Agency), on using satellite imagery to help energy access and mini-grid developers scale faster and identify better sites.
  • Dr. Sukanya Randhawa is a research scientist at IBM. She will introduce the PAIRS platform, which bundles a large number of different data sources to make tailored, automated analyses available to the energy industry.
  • Mr. Akilur Rahman is CTO at ABB India. He will discuss ABBs latest research and solutions for smart grids and electric mobility.
  • Mr. Shiv Kaushik is director of sales at Climate Connect. He will explain how Climate Connect helps predict renewable energy generation and supports the power grid through artificial intelligence solutions.
  • Mr. Amit Sharma is the Co-Founder and CEO of Spread.Energy. This is a blockchain-based business, facilitating the digitisation, pooling and tokenisation of energy assets.
  • Mr. Rishabh Jain is an independent consultant and blockchain expert. He will discuss how the blockchain can make our future energy systems more nimble and resilient.

The session will be moderated by me. Please come.

Session details

Digitalization of Energy through Data and Technology at Renewable Energy India Expo in Greater Noida/Delhi, next Wednesday 19th September at 14:30-17:30. See conference agenda here.