We are currently working on developing use cases for satellite imagery and machine learning to support electrification efforts in India. This is done together with a team of satellite data analysts and machine learning specialists. The goal is to help make distributed electrification solutions, such as microgrids, more rapidly scalable, better in operations, and profitable.

Our work will be conducted over the next two years and we are inviting electrification organizations (such as microgrid developers) to reach out to us and become partners in our work: helping us ensure that our approach and findings are relevant and in turn benefitting directly from our work. The depth of involvement in such a collaboration depends on each individual collaborator’s choice.

We are looking especially for developers of microgrids in India who already have an existing track record and plans to develop at scale.

Please contact my colleague William Duren (william.duren@tfeconsulting.com), if you want to join.