Over the past years, I have had the privilege to meet and work with very passionate, pioneering and generally outstanding individuals – all driven by a desire to find new energy solutions for a hotter and more crowded planet. Some work on large renewable energy plants. Others are more concerned with small but scalable solutions. Most work in challenging markets – from the valleys of Papua New Guinea to the crowded megacity of Lagos. Many of the topics, ideas, hopes, challenges and struggles that move us are the same. There is always much to be learned from talking to one another.

However, we too often lost sight of each other again as we get lost in our everyday tasks. I always felt this was a shame and was looking for a more systematic way to keep the conversation going and bring together the many different perspectives needed to make a global energy transition happen in time. This is how The Energizers were born.

Today, this is more important than ever: the energy transition is becoming an ever more multifaceted, interconnected task. It’s no longer about renewables or even electricity systems – we need to connect everything to everything in a smart way: distributed and centralized generation, houses with factories and cars, using all new/digital technologies at our disposal: from sensors, to remote monitoring, satellite imagery, data analysis, machine learning, blockchains or cryptocurrencies, to name just some.

The Energizers are a small group of collaborative minds combining the skills and knowledge needed. We interact regularly and seek ways to work together – in order to advance our individual goals as well as nudge the planet in a sustainable direction. The Energizers are investors, entrepreneurs, market experts, technologists, lawyers, agenda-setters, journalists and regulators.

Here is a brief video introducing “The Energizers”

(And the website: www.energizers.global).

Thanks to the curator of the network @Francesca Marasca