My colleague Sam Duby thinks that the next decade will belong to Africa. Electrification will drive local businesses, microgrids play an ever greater role and digital technologies like blockchain, big data, cryptocurrencies and satellite imagery are lowering the cost of doing business. I hope that it he is right, but am a little more hesitant myself: two steps forward, one step back? But hey – he knows Africa much better than me. Here is Sam’s interview in PV Magazine.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can download our brief primer on digitalization and energy. For an in-depth report on microgrids, business models and technology in Africa and beyond, see here.

Over the last months, we worked on the 1st Munich Technology Conference on Additive Manufacturing. Now, that the conference finally happened, it was mind-blowing! Excellent speakers from Airbus, to BMW, EOS, Oerlikon, America Makes, Siemens etc. One thought by GE’s Mohammed Ehteshami stuck with me: Can we bring 3D printers to remote places to allow people to make their own economy? Of course, 3D printers will need power, first. And consumers of power need productive uses to convert electricity into business into development. Win-win?

I also want to introduce you to our Energizers. It is a very small network by today’s social media standards (capped at 200). Members are hand-picked energy transition doer-and-dreamers from across the globe. We support each other on ideas and projects and share the energy.

By the way – we are always looking for smart, enthusiastic people to work with us at TFE. You can join us as a Consultant in Munich (need a German speaker!) or become an energy intern in our Cape Town office (whale watching included). See here for details.